Smarter design.
Superior reliability.

Nason manufactures a wide range of temperature, vacuum and pressure switches for a variety of applications — each one individually tested before it leaves the factory. Our rigorous quality control process ensures maximum dependability for every customer.


Our elastomer diaphragm, which moves a precise .040 of an inch, ensures accurate, instantaneous contact under all operating conditions. While nitrile is preferred for general use, we can also provide ethylene, propylene, fluorocarbon, fluorosilicone, and neoprene, depending on your need. Nason tests 100% of its switches for accuracy.


Under most operating conditions, Nason switches have an operational life of over one million cycles. Smart design, quality components, and careful assembly make a switch that easily outlasts the competition.


We offer media connections in NPT, BSP, SAE, JIS, DIN, MS, and many more as well as over 20 electrical connections for any application.