Small pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

When it comes to cylinders, efficiency matters. Even though our compact linear actuators take up less space than competitors’ products, they deliver the same power as larger competitive products. This allows you to downsize without compromising power capacity.

Nason’s custom-drilled cylinders are precision-manufactured in the USA from durable aluminum or stainless steel, for greater flexibility, better performance, and longer seal & cylinder life.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Nason’s compact, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders transfer force through uncompressible hydraulic fluid to move pistons in a desired direction.

Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Nason’s pneumatic cylinders are compact air cylinders that convert the potential energy of compressed gas to linear mechanical energy.


From custom engraving and limit sensors to alignment couplers and shock pads, Nason has the cylinder accessories needed for your specific application.
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