Hydraulic Cylinders

Small hydraulic cylinders for heavy-duty applications — manufactured in the USA

Whether you’re looking for hydraulic cylinders for long stroke or short stroke applications, Nason has what you’re looking for. Our small hydraulic cylinders are ideal for a wide range of industries, delivering the same power as larger competitive products in a more compact package.

Manufactured in the USA from aluminum or stainless-steel bar stock, our small hydraulic cylinders provide significantly more cycles of productive service. We hone the bore to a mirror finish to optimize performance and lengthen the life of the seals.

Instead of originating as extruded stock with pre-drilled holes, our hydraulic cylinders are custom drilled. This allows us to accommodate your design specifications for drilling patterns, hole/contour geometry, ports, and mountings and gives us more flexibility with quantities and custom products.

L Series

Available in three models (LS, LE and LH), Nason’s L Series Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders (20mm - 76mm bore, 500PSI) were designed with today’s automation equipment in mind.

L15 Series

Nason’s L15 Series 1500 PSI Hydraulic Cylinders were designed to offer compact, long-lasting performance for low-friction applications.

L20 Series

Nason’s L20 Series 2000 PSI small hydraulic cylinders offer long-lasting performance. These higher-pressure cylinders deliver heavy-duty performance for today’s most demanding applications. Magnetic sensor option available.

L30 Series

Nason’s L30 Series 3000 PSI heavy duty hydraulic cylinders are small and efficient, with the same power output as larger competitors. These higher-pressure cylinders were designed to offer long-lasting performance for today’s most demanding applications.

NFPA Series

Nason’s NFPA Series long stroke hydraulic cylinders feature precision-machined bores and floating rod bearings, delivering the highest-quality engineering available.

Application Specific

Why should your designers spend time and money creating a machine around standard products? Let us design and manufacture a cylinder that fits your application perfectly. Just give us the specifications, and we’ll do the rest!
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