BS Series
Back to Back Pneumatic Cylinders

Back-to-back Air Cylinders

The BS series back-to-back air cylinder is based on the same rugged, proven design of Nason’s L series cylinder with thick-walled, custom aluminum extrusions that are precision bored and honed.

High-strength aluminum internal components machined to exacting specifications control seal squeezes and stroke tolerances. Precision-ground, chrome-plated 303 stainless steel rods are built for long life, and the dual-piloted center cap keeps the rod ends and bores in strict alignment. The unique design of the back-to-back air cylinder saves up to 15% more space than two standard cylinders side by side.

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  • Hardened doublewound 302 stainless steel retaining wires
  • Low friction rod cup seals (with integral wiper on specified models)
  • Fabric-reinforced phenol resin wear strips (on specified models)
  • Thick-walled, machined bore, high strength aluminum housings
  • Hard chrome-plated 303 stainless steel rods
  • Pilot cap keeps bores and rods aligned (reduces OAL up to 15%)
  • Self-lubricating sintered bronze bearings
  • Patented retention method
  • Low friction figure-eight piston seal
  • Solid, one-piece Magnet Ring (on “M” style piston types)
Mike Schapoehler
Airline Hydraulics

Nason cylinders are solutions. They are built to fit a design, not to make a design fit the cylinder. Nason will tailor the product to fit any configuration needed for your application. They’ll even take a competitive cylinder and redesign it better than the original. And not at a custom price. The key thing with Nason is they design a high-quality cylinder that isn’t going to fail. They are GOOD PARTNERS in the design process because they rely on me to them as much information as I can. And their turnaround time is one of the best I’ve seen.

Nason produces HIGH-QUALITY cylinders at a very competitive price. Everyone is working with a tight budget and an even tighter timeframe. Every bit of savings is valuable. Nason is also willing to produce small quantities of non-standard components to satisfy a customer’s needs and requirements. And I have never had an issue with defective quality of workmanship in a cylinder that we’ve purchased.

Nason manufactures cylinders to each customer’s specifications. They ensure all of their customers get exactly what they need for each application. They are a small company, so you always get PERSONALIZED ATTENTION. Any application where I have a customer that wants to do something outside of the box and they need something right away I go to Nason.

Eric Dean & Jeff Frock
ITW Food Equipment Group

Prospective clients of Nason should know that they are easy to work with, dependable, transparent and willing to provide the BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION for your needs. Their sales and engineering team use their expertise to answer any questions/concerns, provide viable feedback and be hands-on during design changes or upcoming R&D projects.

Michael Leon
Cowper Inc.

Top 4 reasons Nason has become our cylinder brand of choice:

  • LH cylinder provides a heavy-duty design.
  • Delivery is competitive.
  • Easy-to-source 3D models allow for QUICK DESIGN WORK.
  • Ability to conveniently and cost-effectively modify a standard product when required.
John Mebruer

Nason presented information with the perfect blend of verbal, visual, and HANDS-ON content. The large number of sample products allowed me to identify an immediate opportunity for one of my customers and immediately coordinate the shipping of samples to get Nason parts in my customer’s hands. I wish all vendor training was done as well as Nason’s!

Kim Gentle
Hughes Peters

If you are looking for a company that always goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to meet the needs and goals of your customers, it’s Nason. The team’s objectives and outstanding business practices are reflected in their dedication and commitment to the success of a project. Nason consistently performs at exceptional service levels, which is why they are easily our first choice.

What sets Nason apart from other companies is that they try to find ways to say YES to a distributor’s request for custom products. Nason LISTENS TO CUSTOMER feedback and does its best to fulfill requests in a timely fashion, which are two of the many reasons why MFP Automation & Engineering is a proud technical distributor for Nason products.

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