Pressure switches

At Nason, we’re known for the high-quality reliable pressure switches and other components that we build right here in the USA. You can choose from the wide range of high-pressure switches and low-pressure switches that we have in stock or request a custom model to fit your unique specifications. We built our reputation on the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility of our products.

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High-pressure switches Low-pressure switches

Designed for any pressure

No matter what your application is, you’ll find the component you need at Nason. We offer low-pressure switches with set points that start as low as 2 psi and high-pressure switches with set points as high as 7500 psi.

The precise snap-action design of our switches prevents “creeping” to offer the ultimate in accuracy and reliability.

Reliable and built to last

We build our pressure switches in the USA from high-quality materials and put them through rigorous testing to ensure they perform reliably. Nason switches stand up to demand, working around the world in critical operations under the harshest conditions.

All of our pressure switches are designed to last for up to 1 million operating cycles. This long cycle from installation to maintenance or replacement makes the cost of ownership for premium Nason parts even more affordable.

Hydraulic and pneumatic switches

Nason pressure switches have the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility you need, whether you’re working in high-pressure, structured hydraulic applications or low-pressure, faster moving pneumatic applications.

These reliable components feature more options for electrical connections than our competitors offer. And if you’re looking for an option that you don’t see, let us know and we will be happy to make it for you.

Piston sensors

Some high-pressure switches are designed with hardened steel pistons to provide maximum precision without creeping and longer life cycles in the most extreme applications and conditions.

Snap-action design

Nason’s low pressure switches use a snap-action electrical device activated by an elastomer diaphragm. This prevents incidental contact near its switch point, which is a common problem in switch designs that “creep”.

Accuracy within .040"

Our elastomer diaphragms move a precise .040 of an inch, ensuring accurate, instantaneous contact under all operating conditions. We test 100% of our pressure switches for accuracy, and they are UL, CSA, and military approved.

High-pressure switches

High-pressure switches sense discharge pressure from the system. When a precise set point is reached, the contacts snap over to a new state and remain there until pressure distinctly lowers, triggering the contacts to snap back to their original state.


Low-pressure switches

Low-pressure switches sense pressure in the system. They remain either open or closed until pressure reaches a precise set point, which triggers them to snap to a new state. They remain in this state until pressure rises again, triggering them to snap back to their original state.


Nason FAQs – What is a Pressure Switch?

Below we’ve provided responses to our frequently asked questions regarding pressure switches. This information may be helpful when selecting a pressure switch for your application.
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