Temperature Switches

Durable and highly accurate temperature sensor switches

Used in a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial processes, Nason’s temperature switches act as a limit sensor, opening or closing a circuit when temperature rises above or falls below a defined setpoint.

Nason’s temperature sensor switches feature a “no-creep” design with a snap-action electrical device activated by an elastomer diaphragm or piston. These temperature switches keep their contacts in either an open or closed state. When sensors indicate that a precise pre-determined temperature has been reached, they snap over center to a new state. They will remain in this state until the thermal readings rise or fall back over the set point, triggering the temperature switches to snap back to their original state.

Our temperature switches offer a wide variety of electrical connection options, are fully customizable and have an operational life of over one million cycles under most operating conditions.


Affordable and compact, the TF is designed for lower temperature applications up to 100,000 cycles and has hysteresis built-in.


The factory-set TW temperature switch features set points from 140-300ºF (60-148ºC). These hydraulic temperature sensors offer a wide differential utilizing a snap action device.


The factory-set TT temperature switch features set points from 40-300ºF (4-148ºC). These hydraulic temperature sensors offer the industry’s largest range of media connections and probe lengths.


The factory-set TD temperature switch features set points from 140-300ºF (60-148ºC), as well as a thermal snap disc that provides a nominal differential of 10 degrees.
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