Vacuum Switches

High-quality fixed and adjustable vacuum switches — 100% tested for accuracy

All of Nason’s pressure switches feature a “no-creep” design with a snap-action electrical device activated by an elastomer diaphragm or piston. These adjustable vacuum switches maintain their contacts in either an open or closed state until a precise set point is reached. At that point, they snap over center to a new state and will remain there until vacuum pressure changes back over the set point, triggering the vacuum switches to snap back to their original state.

We offer both factory preset and adjustable pressure switches, with 1″ to 29″ vacuum models available and an operational life of over one million cycles under most operating conditions. Our adjustable vacuum switches offer a wide variety of electrical connection options and are fully customizable.


The compact, field-adjustable JV adjustable vacuum switch is built to last and customizable to fit your specific applications. A variety of base material options are available, including brass, aluminum, nickel-plated, delrin, 303 SS, 316 SS, and CF.


The VM vacuum switch offers a space-efficient, cost-effective solution, designed to handle positive pressure and factory-set for tamper resistance out of the box.


The VF fixed vacuum switch offers a space-efficient, cost-effective solution and is factory-set for tamper resistance.
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